NFL Thanksgiving Week: Week 12 Game of the Week and Picks

By Buck Coquillette

This week all 32 NFL teams play for the first time since week 5. This week, the best matchup is the Cincinnati Bengals (6-4) at the Tennessee Titans (7-3). These two AFC teams will face off for the first time since last year’s divisional round, which ended in the Bengals victory, 19-16.  

The Bengals scored 37 points last week against the Steelers, and this year they have outscored their opponents 267- 215. The Bengals have many weapons on the offensive side, with arguably the best wide receiver room in the League. Wide receivers Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd are a scary trio to defend against. Chase has been out since week 7, however he has a possibility to return this week. If he does, young star quarterback Joe Burrow will have another weapon to throw to. On the ground side, running back Joe Mixon has had a stellar year with 919 all-purpose yards, receiving and rushing. In addition, their O-line has improved significantly throughout the season. 

Defensively the Bengals’ defense has room to improve. Their defense is 17th in the league for rush yards allowed per game, with 117, and 11th for opponent yards per game with 327.3. Defensive end Trey Hendrickson has six sacks and Vonn Bell has four interceptions. 

The Tennessee Titans lead the struggling AFC South with a 7-3 record. Offensively, Derrick Henry has been the focal point, with 1010 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns. Veteran quarterback Ryan Tannehill has 1,685 passing yards and 10 touchdowns as well. Defensively, Denico Autry has seven sacks and David Long has 79 tackles. The Titans are ranked 18th for yards per game allowed with 349 per game. It will be a tough game to defend against the elite Bengals offense. 


 Last week’s record → 10-3 

Thursday (Nov 14 – Thanksgiving Day)

Bills (7-3) vs. Lions (4-6) at 12:30 → Bills 31-20

Giants (7-3) vs. Cowboys (7-3)  at 4:30 → Cowboys 34-20

Patriots (6-4) vs. Vikings (8-2) at 8:20 → Vikings 21-17

Sunday (Nov 27)

Broncos (3-7) vs. Panthers (3-8) at 1:00 → Panthers 17-10

Buccaneers (5-5) vs. Browns (3-7) at 1:00 → Buccaneers 21-14

Ravens (7-3) vs. Jaguars (3-7) at 1:00 → Ravens 28-7

Texans (1-8-1) vs. Dolphins (7-3) → Dolphins 42-10

Bears (3-8) vs. Jets (6-4) at 1:00 → Bears 28-17

Bengals (6-4) vs. Titans (7-3)  at 1:00 → Bengals 33-27

Falcons (5-6) vs. Commanders (6-5) at 1:00 → Commanders 24-16

Chargers (5-5) vs. Cardinals (4-7) at 4:05 → Chargers 26-17

Raiders (3-7) vs. Seahawks (6-4) at 4:05 → Seahawks 30-14

Rams (3-7) vs. Chiefs (8-2) at 4:25 → Chiefs 34-14

Saints (4-7) vs. 49ers (6-4) at 4:25 → 49ers 28-17 

Packers (4-7) vs. Eagles (9-1) at 8:20 → Eagles 27-18

Monday’s Game (Nov 28)

Steelers (3-7) vs. Colts (4-6-1) at 8:20 → Colts 24-17

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