Update on the Utah Jazz

By Ryan Chan

Nobody saw the Jazz’s success coming, especially Danny Ainge, the CEO of Basketball Operations and Alternate Governor for the Utah Jazz. Ainge had built a roster that everyone thought would fail. To his surprise, the Jazz have a 12-8 record and they sit on the 4th seed of a very tight Western Conference. Clearly, this Jazz team is legit, and they’ve shown that by beating some competent teams.

Rumor has it that Ainge has decided not to trade the young star, Lauri Markkanen or former sixth man of the year, Jordan Clarkson. That could only mean one thing. The Jazz will be committed to winning the 2022-2023 championship. Not only are the Jazz not selling to land a high spot in the upcoming draft, but they’re also willing to trade for talented players to improve their chances of winning it all. With the plethora of draft picks they acquired during the offseason, the Jazz will likely build on their strong supporting cast. 

The Utah Jazz have put the veteran Rudy Gay on the trade block. This season, Gay is averaging 4.5 points in 16 minutes. Gay has ideal size and shooting ability, making many teams open to trading for him to be their backup forward. In addition, the Jazz look to add John Collins from the Atlanta Hawks to bolster their depths at the forward or center spot. So far, there hasn’t been any traction, but knowing Danny Ainge, he’ll get something done. Ainge is the right guy to trust, and we will see what trades he will pull off to make the Jazz even better.

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