Interview with Creator of ProFootballChase

By Sam Sindell

Inside Sports Journalism recently had the opportunity to interview Isaac Saenz, creator of the widely known Instagram page and podcast Pro Football Chase. Isaac has been able to spread reliable news through his many platforms, and informs his hundreds of thousands of followers of all the news around the NFL. Isaac is persistent with his work, and dedicates himself to his page, which has helped him become so successful. Isaac was able to instruct some of our club members on ways to grow and spread our clubs brand.

These were Isaac’s three biggest pieces of advice for us:

Be persistent, always reach out, and be original.

Being persistent and dedicated to his work is the principal cause of Isaac’s success. Since starting his page in 2014, Isaac informed us that striving to do your best work every day will help you get the result you are aiming for. By continuing to distribute content to his followers every day, he has been able to gain a loyal following that now relies on him for their information. Other accounts similar to Isaac only post the most popular and headline news, while Isaac posts every single move in the NFL. By doing this on a daily basis, Isaac has been able to separate himself from the rest of the NFL news pages and become the most popular. He has proven that hard work does pay off. Out of all the advice and information Isaac told us in our interview, this seemed to be the point he most emphasized.

Isaac then talked about reaching out to those more experienced in the field of sports media and management. Just like we did with Isaac, reaching out to people with expertise in the fields you’re working in will only help you to grow as a brand and as an individual. Isaac told us to never be afraid to approach others because you never know if they will respond. This is what happened to our club. We decided a smart way to help our club grow was to reach out to Isaac, and fortunately, he responded. Our club’s goal is to continue to be persistent with reaching out to others, and hopefully, we can gain some meaningful and worthwhile experiences.

The final piece of advice Isaac gave to us was to be original without work. Isaac told us that rather than following the same steps as others, we as a club should try to step aside from the norm and experiment with new ideas and topics. Whether it’s articles or interviews, Isaac wanted to make sure that we are creative with our ideas. Topics that Isaac likes to bring up in interviews with NFL players revolve around experiences that come with being in the NFL. Learning about players’ everyday routines, and how the NFL looks from the inside, leads to more interesting articles that inform readers of information that they can only get from that source. Isaac also highlighted the importance of a hook in all of your writing, and how you need to draw your readers and viewers in.

We are so grateful for the experience we gained from our interview with Isaac, and we value all the information we gained from him. We at Inside Sports Journalism will use all Isaac has told us, and we are confident that the information will help us take our next step forward in becoming more successful.

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