NFL Week 18 Preview and Predictions

By Zac Cornell and Sam Sindell

The final week of the NFL season is coming up this weekend and there is a chance Big Ben extends his career with an opportunity at the playoffs. 


Do the Browns extend Baker Mayfield this offseason?

Is Joe Burrow a top 5 QB?

Are the Bucs in trouble for the playoffs? Who can they turn to on offense to pick up AB and Godwin’s roles?

Who would have thought the Eagles led by Jalen Hurts would make the playoffs?

Three teams from the NFC West may make the playoffs

Week 18 Game Predictions:

  1. The Chiefs beat the Broncos. The Chiefs have a chance to be the number one seed in the AFC, but they need to win this week.
  2. The Cowboys beat the Eagles. Both teams have already clinched a spot in the playoffs and may want to rest some of their key players for the game. However since they are rivals, we could see some good competition for bragging rights.
  3. The Packers beat the Lions. 
  4. The Colts beat the Jaguars. The Colts need a win in order to make the playoffs. The Jaguars are a complete mess. 
  5. The Football Team beat the Giants. The Giants are a mess. They must go into a rebuild, and they are trying to continue on the same path.
  6. The Vikings beat the Bears. In potentially Mike Zimmer’s final game as the Vikings coach, the Vikings win.
  7. The Texans beat the Titans. The Texans have been surprisingly good recently. I think they will upset the Titans.
  8. The Steelers Beat the Ravens. The Steelers have been an incredibly unique team this season. In what is assumed to be Ben Rothlistburger’s last season, Pittsburgh has had a very rocky season, but of late has been making a push at the playoffs. After an emotional and hard fought win, which included nine sacks by the Steelers, Big Ben will have one last showdown against his rivals, the Baltimore Ravens, to make the playoffs. Despite Baltimore’s late season meltdown, a more challenging obstacle lurks. The Jacksonville Jaguars, arguably the worst team in the league, needs to beat one of the hottest teams in the league, the Indianapolis Colts. Despite the Colts heartbreaking loss last week to the Raiders, they are expected to be heavy favorites to win the Week 18 showdown.
  9. The Bengals beat the Browns. Baker Mayfield will probably be out for the game and the Browns have lost their game plan. They have not been good this year. The Bengals, however, have been extremely hot. They are finally a playoff team.
  10. The 49ers beat the Rams. The Niners need a win in order to make the playoffs. With Trey Lance under center, the Niners are a more dangerous team. 
  11. The Panthers beat the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers almost lost to the Jets. Antonio Brown had a meltdown mid game and was immediately cut after the game. With so many injuries and possible star players resting in this final week, I think the Panthers come out on top.
  12. The Cardinals beat the Seahawks. Seattle needs to figure out what they do this offseason. It is unlikely that Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson both return next year. I think Seattle needs to hit the reset button.
  13. The Dolphins beat the Patriots. The Dolphins are pretty successful against the Patriots in recent years. The Dolphins take them down and ruin the Pats chance of winning the AFC East.
  14. The Saints beat the Falcons.
  15. The Bills beat the Jets. With a Bills win they will win the division.
  16. The Chargers beat the Raiders.

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