Kansas City Current Owners Announce The First Stadium Built For Women’s Pro Soccer

By Zac Cornell

In addition to announcing their new official name and logo as the Kansas City Current, the owners of the Kansas City National Women’s Soccer League are making history with their announcement that they are building an 11,000 seat stadium for the women’s team – believed to be the first stadium created specifically for a women’s professional soccer team. The $70 million project will cover 7 acres of land at Berkley Riverfront, and is expected to open in 2024.

“There are incredibly talented female soccer players in this country and in the world, and people want to pay money to come and watch them and support them,” said Angie Long, one of the team’s owners. “That isn’t going away. That’s growing.”

“From the beginning, our vision has been to create a player-first experience, and facilities for our team that match not only the elite level of these incredible athletes, but also the passionate support of the Kansas City metro and our fans,” Chris Long, one of the founders and owners of the KC Current franchise, said in a news release. “We believe this significant investment and commitment will shape a stronger future for our entire region and our athletes.”

The Long’s bought the team less than a year ago, and have quickly added to their investment, with their announcement last month of building a $15 million training facility with two soccer fields in Riverside, MO. That upgrade and the new stadium represent the city’s commitment to supporting its women’s soccer team, co-owner and co-founder Angie Long explained during the owner’s press conference.

“This transformation goes just beyond this building and this project,” Long said. “It’s really a statement of how much we believe in Kansas City and it’s how much we believe in these athletes.”

The team announced their new name and logo during half-time in their final game of the season, changing into their new uniforms to play the second half of the game. Fans loved the new name and look and are excited for what is to come for the team.

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