NFL Week 5 Updates

By Zac Cornell

Falcons – Definitely stuck in a weird position. Traded Julio, drafted Pitts, yet they still have Matt Ryan. They’re going to have to replace him eventually. But should sooner rather than later. Trying to compete with him when the team is clearly not good … We’ve seen the story with the Lions the last 6 years. Just trade your quarterback and rebuild.

Jets – Jeez! That offense is bad! Elijah Moore has yet to get involved in the offense despite reporters raving about him in training camp. A bit of a shock! But the offensive play calling looks bad. The coaching staff is not doing Wilson any favors right now.

Detroit – You got to feel bad for Lions fans now. They just keep losing on long field goals (Ravens 2 weeks earlier). I love the emotion HC Dan Campbell showed in his conference after the game though. Despite the 0-5 record, the Lions look better than their record. They’re a bad team, but they are headed in the right direction for sure.

Vikings – Too much mediocrity. A team with plenty of veterans and big contracts – this team should be better. 2-3 on the year and barely beating the Lions, I don’t know what’s wrong here. Danielle Hunter has been a star this year returning from his ACL injury from last year. Dalvin Cook keeps getting injured, but Alexander Mattison has been stepping up to the podium in Cook’s absence. (Fantasy — Add Mattison)

Washington – Heinicke is just not good. The defense was way overhyped before the season. They’ve been very bad. McLaurin has been a stud. Curtis Samuel is a big question mark though. Will he be fantasy relevant later on in the season? Is he worth rostering?

Saints – They are surprisingly above .500. Yet for how long? Winston makes some great throws, but let’s be real. It’s Jameis Winston. Sean Payton is not turning him into some superstar.

Patriots – Mac has been great for a rookie. Top 2 in the OROY race. The Patriots just traded former DPOY Stephon Gilmore. Are the Patriots a real threat in the AFC despite close games to teams like Houston?

Houston – Davis Mills played great for the circumstances. I don’t know if he is the future, but he isn’t horrible. It’s surprising that Houston hasn’t been a complete mess so far this year with all that’s gone on over the past year. That head coach Culley deserves a lot of credit.

TB – Vintage Brady? The defense is getting killed by injuries in the secondary. And now Lavonte David will miss some time? Gronk too. Age catching up to them? Certainly not to Brady.

Miami – After so much hype in the offseason, the Dolphins are just not good. The Will Fuller signing was a bust. The Oline is horrible. Tua is still hurt … when is he coming back? 

GB – After several scares from Kicker Mason Crosby, he finally sunk in the game winner in OT. Devante Adams was a killer in fantasy this week. Robert Tonyan has been a fantasy bust!

Bengals – Burrow looks like a star. J Chase is proving all his doubters wrong and has been elite. Been a monster! And the defense has been stepping up. The Bengals have been a great team so far … is it a stretch to call them playoff contenders?

Steelers – Juju is out for the season. The Steelers are in a weird place because Big Ben is awful, but the rest of the team is built to be a contender. Can the Steelers compete with the Bengals, Browns, or Ravens?

Denver – The team struggled against Pitt. Sutton had a monster fantasy performance. Bridgewater played solid. But the defense let up too many points to a weak Pitt offense.

Eagles – Hurts carried the offense. The Eagles have yet to establish a running game. The defense played good too. Devonta Smith has been pretty good, yet not as good as Chase for the Bengals. Miles Sanders has been a huge disappointment for fantasy owners.

Panthers – No CMC this week. Hubbard stepped up though. DJ Moore had a down game. Robby Anderson is basically irrelevant now. Some big news though, the Panthers did trade for Gilmore last week. Look out for him to be activated to the roster soon enough.

Titans – Derrick Henry is unfair. Is he human? AJ Brown has struggled heavily so far, but the Titans have not been passing the ball. Who’s to blame? Should we count the Titans out of the contender teams list or is it too early?

Jax – Urban Meyer will be fired very soon. I don’t know where to stand with Lawrence. He hasn’t been great, but he’s shown some flashes. James Robinson was a fantasy beast this week and should be starting in all leagues from now on.

Chargers – Mike Williams is not a fraud! The Herbert x Mike Williams connection is unstoppable. Keenan Allen has taken a step back while Mike dominates opposing defenses. Austin Ekeler has also been dominant for fantasy. Williams and Ekeler can definitely help a team win a championship in fantasy. Back to real football, Derwin James has been a monster so far. You would think he would take a step back in his return to football after almost 2 years, but no, he’s a DPOY candidate. Rookie CB Asante Samuel Jr. has also been great so far. Should we buy Herbert MVP stock?

Cleveland – OBJ has disappointed. Baker has a shoulder injury which should limit the passing game, but that doesn’t stop the duo of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt dominating the trenches! That backfield is so special. 

Chicago – Fields is now QB1. Allen Robinson has yet to have a good game this year. The defense has been good though. Jaylon Johnson has been really good as a second-year corner. But Matt Nagy still needs to be fired.

Raiders – Jon Gruden has … well … resigned. But we’ll keep politics out of here. Derek Carr hasn’t looked as good as he did in the first few weeks. He’s not really a QB1 option in fantasy anymore. But this team is not as good as we thought – they are not a playoff team.

Arizona – The only remaining undefeated team! Kyler is the MVP favorite at the moment. The receiving core is so good. The defense has also stepped up. Hopkins came up clutch at the end of the game.

49ers – The defense held Arizona to 17 points. But the offense couldn’t get it going. Trey Lance got his first NFL start, but he didn’t really step up.

Dallas – Dominant performance by Zeke. He’s taking a lot of fantasy points away from receivers Lamb and Cooper. Dak has been elite. Cornerback Trevon Diggs is likely leading the DPOY votes right now. Dallas is in a great position.

Giants – So many injuries all over the team. Primarily Daniel Jones, Saquan, and Kenny Golladay. Let’s pray Saquan is back soon enough after that ugly ankle injury. The Giants are just not a good team, though. Kadarius Toney had a monster performance with Shepard, Slayton, and eventually Golladay all out of the game.

Bills – They got their revenge on the Chiefs. They dominated on both sides of the field. Are they super bowl contenders? I think so! Josh Allen is a top 5 MVP candidate for sure.

Chiefs – The Chiefs are struggling. It is clear that a 3rd option must be established after Tyreek and Kelce. Clyde Edwards-Helaire went down with a foot injury. Mecole Hardman is not a polished receiver. Can Josh Gordon become that guy? Regardless, the defense is one of the worst in the league. They can’t stop anything. The Chiefs are in big trouble if they can’t fix that defense.

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