Joc Pederson = The Breakout Fashion-Forward Star of Major League Baseball?

By Zac Cornell

Atlanta Braves’ 29-year-old star outfielder Joc Pederson is suddenly getting a lot of attention… for his fashion sense! Seemingly taking cues from stars like Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, and A$AP Rocky, in late September Pederson decided to start accessorizing his baseball uniform with a pearl necklace. 

Although baseball players are allowed to wear jewelry, this is likely the first time that Major League Baseball has seen a pearl necklace on the field, and this surprising fashion statement is gaining a lot of notoriety from the media and fans alike. Pederson insists there is no story behind the necklace but seems to be enjoying the attention. “It’s a mystery to everyone,” he recently said to the press after a game. “They’ll never know.” Pederson has since clarified his reason for wearing the necklace to reporters: it is because he is “a bad bitch.”Pederson and the Braves are getting ready for a playoff matchup versus the Brewers. Pederson is hoping to win another World Series title after last year’s win with the Los Angeles Dodgers. This offseason, Pederson will become a free agent, so a little press around him is likely a good thing. And depending on his on-field performance, we may start seeing more athletes adopting the pearl necklace trend!

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