NFL Mock Draft

By William Fallon

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence

This seems like the most sure-fire pick in a very long time. Lawrence is looked at as the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck and he has the film to back it up. He tore it up at Clemson leading them to a national championship and making the CFP every year he started.Ultimately, the 6’6” Lawrence has all the arm talent in the world and some sneaky running ability that only adds to the fact that he will be the number one pick. As long as Jacksonville doesn’t shock everyone, this is the pick.

  1. New York Jets: Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson saw his draft stock raise dramatically over the past weeks, as he almost is definitely the number two pick now. While his decision making might have some work to do, the arm talent is definitely there. While I look at Wilson as a guy that will take 1-2 years to fully adjust to the NFL, he will be just fine if he makes some slight adjustments. If he continues to play the at times reckless playstyle he showed at BYU, he may not be the best decision, but if he can adjust to the NFL and learn the best reads possible at all times, he will be a great pick for the Jets.

  1. San Francisco 49ers: Mac Jones

Jones is jumping up draft boards and seems to be up there as one of the most pro-ready prospects in the draft. While you could use the fact that he had the best receivers in the country to throw to, that should not distract you from the fact that he threw for 4,500 yards and 41 touchdowns. This combined with the fact that all his teammates seem to speak glowingly about him has made teams be more interested in the Alabama product, and the Broncos can take that chance and run with it. While the Niners have said they are not looking for a quarterback, I don’t think you would trade up to a third pick after having quarterback issues the past years to not select one so it makes sense for the Niners to take Jones here.

  1. Atlanta Falcons: Kyle Pitts

While the falcons’ glaring weakness seems to be their defense, I don’t see them passing on Pitts, who may be the best prospect in this draft. His 6’6” frame, 4.46 speed, length, and overall abilities make him unstoppable at the tight end position. He is pretty much a wide receiver playing the tight end position, who torched SEC defenses all year for Florida, the opportunity is right there for the Falcons to give Matt Ryan one more weapon to truly make the offense something special. The idea of defenses having to worry about Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Kyle Pitts is a scary thought, and I just see the Falcons jumping on the opportunity.

  1. Bengals: Penei Sewell

This is the obvious pick for the Bengals to make. Joe burrow has already suffered a brutal injury primarily because their o-line is terrible and he keeps taking hits. Sewell is the best lineman in the class and if the Bengals don’t go crazy and take a receiver, this is the only fit. Sewell is a monster who dominated the best of the Pac-12 defensive lineman at Oregon, and he seems very NFL-ready, and the Bengals should help Burrow’s career and give him some protection.

  1. Dolphins: Ja’marr Chase

While there can be reasons made for Jaylen Waddle or Devonta Smith being chosen here, I think Chase will be the pick. The goal is clear for the Dolphins this year: get Tua weapons. Tua needs to show if he can really stick in the NFL, and while Chase didn’t get to showcase his brilliance after opting out last year, the 2019 Biletnikoff winner was one of the main reasons why LSU won the national championship two years ago. His deep ball ability to just go up and get the ball is something to marvel at, and he can make an instant impact for the Dolphins, so all signs point to a good fit.

  1. Detroit Lions: Jaylen Waddle

I think if they are going receiver at this pick, either of the Alabama products is a good pick. That being said, everyone has Devota Smith’s relatively small frame being held against him and while I don’t think it will affect him at the next level, that may bring a red flag for some teams and may drag him out of a very high pick. But, the good news is that Jaylen Waddle seems to be a safe option in his place. The absolute speedster can put up a hundred yards on a team in no time when he is healthy. Besides the national championship in which he rushed himself back from an injury and was nowhere near 100%, in the other games he played the lowest amount of yards he had was 120. While I won’t be surprised if either Alabama receiver goes here, I think Waddle may be the pick.

  1. Carolina Panthers: Trey Lance

I think the Panthers will take Lance simply because of his upside that he can show. His incredible arm talent and ability is something he can develop for maybe a year behind Sam Darnold before taking over the team in year two. The choice is really between him and Mac Jones, and I think the Panthers will take the chance on his potential and be patient for his time to come. His only knock is the lack of games he played, as he only started one season at North Dakota state, but that one season he threw 28 touchdowns and zero interceptions. So while he may be somewhat of a project pick, I think Lance is the right fit here.

  1. Denver Broncos: Justin Fields

While it has not been that long, I think the Drew Lock experiment has been proved to not really work. While Wilson and Jones saw their draft stock surge as of late, Fields has seen his stock drop off dramatically. While a good amount of people do not believe Fields will go this high, I believe his athleticism and tremendous arm talent for the deep ball would propel the Broncos to jump at the opportunity. He needs to work on short and intermediate throws along with not forcing throws that showed last year as his interception numbers jumped. But those can be easy fixes under the right coaching staff and I believe Fields and the Broncos are a good fit.

  1. Dallas Cowboys: Patrick Surtain II

This might be the most obvious pick of the draft. The Cowboys probably had the worst defense in the league last year, and their secondary was one of the main reasons. So the choice is simple, take the best corner in the draft who locked up the best of the SEC receivers and who seems to be the best defensive prospect in the entire draft.

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