September 2020

The thrill of a win is transcendent. The capacity to rebound from a loss is indispensable. The ability to share these emotions and experiences with others is incomparable.

Sports have the unique power to bring people together – no matter one’s sex, race, nationality, religion, financial status, or age. Sports can teach community, courage, grit, grace, strength, struggle, perseverance, camaraderie, and acceptance. It has the potential to supersede politics, overcome bias, and transform lives. Whether you are an athlete or a fan, sports has a huge impact on all of society. This has never been more apparent than in these last few months when sports were put on hold. The loss of that collective human experience was massive. 

The return of sports has been…different. Leagues are contending with COVID-19 and broken societies. From racism to gender pay inequality, the world of sports is dealing with a multitude of issues. The lines have blurred and it is inspiring to see athletes, owners, coaches, corporate sponsors, league leadership, and sports media address the many ills facing humanity and leading conversation and change. 

We look forward to continuing our reporting on sports – and the ever increasing role that it is playing in our society. 

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Zac Cornell


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