Steph Curry Leads Off The Court

By Zac Cornell

Warriors’ two-time MVP and 3-time NBA champion Steph Curry continually embraces his role as an influencer, using his significant platform to discuss politics, public health information, civil rights issues, gender equality, and more. Curry and his family recently directed their power behind Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The Curry family announced their endorsement with a video in which they discuss the most important characteristics in a president and issues that need more attention.

Eight-year-old Riley Curry said she’d want a President with “a very kind personality…. I would like to see them taking care of the Earth and the people.”

Despite her younger sister needing to “go to the bathroom”, Ryan, 5, said the President’s job is “to tell what happens to the world.”

Ayesha Curry declares her support for Biden explaining, “We want to ensure that our kids live in a country that is safe, happy, healthy and fair.”

Steph Curry asked his daughters: “What would you say if you knew that Joe Biden was going to have a woman as his vice president?”

“Surprised and happy,” Riley said.

In the past, Steph Curry has been publicly open with his views on issues like police brutality and women’s rights. He recently held a chat with Dr. Anthony Fauci about the covid pandemic. In addition, back in 2017 when the Golden State Warriors won the championship, Steph Curry spoke out against President Trump and declined the customary invitation to the White House. The following year (2018), the team won the championship again. Instead of going to the White House, the team met with former president Barack Obama.

Not only is the Curry family campaigning for president nominee Joe Biden, but LeBron James is also lobbying for the presidential nominee. LeBron said: “We are in a time where we need change. In order for change, it’s all about leadership.” LeBron recently joined with other NBA players to create a nonprofit group called “More Than a Vote”. They are focusing on helping black voters fight vote suppression. They teamed up with the LA Dodgers to use their stadium as a polling location.

It is great to see these leading athletes using their influence to get out the vote.

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