Liverpool Wins the Premier League Title for the First time in over 30 Years

By Gavin Krauss

On Saturday, July 25, Liverpool clinched the league title courtesy of Chelsea beating Manchester City. This feat put the champions ahead in the table/standings by 23 points, with seven games still remaining. It had been a dominating year for Liverpool, who not only beat the record for the most points in the league with games in hand, but also won the most coveted league, the UEFA Champions League. After a disappointing year for Liverpool last year, finishing second place in the Premier League behind a very successful Man City side and losing in the Champions League Final to Real Madrid due to simple errors, Liverpool coach Jurgeen Klopp promised that Liverpool would come back stronger and win the trophy. After many years of defeat, Liverpool were able to become a stronger squad and find success. This was mostly due to the efforts by Klopp to improve this squad and not give up on the team. When Klopp joined Liverpool as a coach less than 5 years ago, he had high expectations for his squad and promised that they would become a winning team. In his first press conference after joining the team he explained;  “We could start in a very difficult league but in a special Liverpool way we can be successful. We can’t wait for it, I don’t want to say we can wait 20 years. If we sit here in four years, I think we will win one title.” This gave Liverpool fans hope that Klopp was going to be able to help lift the trophy the fans wanted, and not only did he fulfill that promise, but he did it with style. With many tactical moves, Klopp guided Liverpool to victory with the earliest title win in top-flight history and it does not end there, Liverpool are on path to break multiple other records in the most extraordinary season in their history.

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