The Return of the NHL

By Lucas Krauss, Age 11

The NHL may be coming back which is much needed for hockey fans around the world, but it is a bit too soon to know if this will happen. Every NHL team has begun to practice at their own rink. The St. Louis Blues just had practice and several of the players tested positive for Covid-19, forcing the team to halt practices. In total, 26 NHL players have tested positive for the virus and 19 since team workouts have begun during phase 2 of the return-to-play plan. This is not a good omen. If the NHL resumes, then all the games will all be held in Arizona and teams will be staying at local hotels. The NHL draft lottery just took place and the top spot is still up for grabs. After the qualification rounds of the playoffs with the bottom 8 teams, a second lottery with the eliminated teams will take place. The playoffs for the NHL will be a little like the MLB postseason. The first round will be a best of 5. There are 24 teams in the playoffs competing for the Stanley Cup. It remains to be seen what will all happen in the end but one fact remains – it is sure to be a bizarre year for the NHL in these very challenging times.

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