An Unlikely Hockey Hero

By Lucas Krauss

A few weeks ago, third-string, emergency goalie David Aryes had to step up and play for the Carolina Hurricanes.  After both of the Carolina goalies got hurt, David, the Zamboni driver for the Maple Leafs (the team the Hurricanes were playing) had to take an unlikely turn in goal. With the Hurricanes up 3-1, they quickly scored again but then the Maple Leafs scored 2 quick goals on 3 shots right off the bat!  Now the pressure was really on the 42-year old! With the game at 4-3, David Aryes saved the rest of the shots he saw, receiving standing ovations from the opposing crowd. The Hurricanes held on and won 6-3 with David being the star of the game. David is now back to his regular duties as the Zamboni driver, but with a few more fans around the NHL!

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